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9:44 am - Thu, Jul 22, 2010
Q: The Twitter functions don't seem to be working, there is simply a progress bar that keeps flashing where the statuses should be showing up. Not just on my Tumblr but on yours as well! What's the deal?

Unfortunately we cannot control Twitter’s responsiveness. If the service goes down, which occasionally happens, your tweets will not load.


9:43 am
Q: How do I create a subheading like the one on the blog "siren testing today and tomrrow...?"

The subheading is actually our latest Tweet. It can be created by enabling the “Show Twitter Headline” option in the Appearance panel. Adding a static subheading requires custom HTML.


10:40 am - Mon, Jul 19, 2010
Q: How can I add a link to /archive on the left of the sidebar?

Currently, the best way to do this is to use a Page, with Page Type “Redirect” and redirect it to /archive. You’ll need to give the Page URL a value other than “archive” (such as “archives”), since it’s reserved by Tumblr.

We may add an Appearance option for Archive link inclusion in a future version.


10:20 am
Q: Hey guys, I love your theme! But wondered if there was a way to adjust the point size of the type? Any help is appreciated :) Mala

Font sizes are controlled via CSS, and are explicitly set in em values for numerous selectors. To perform a re-sizing across all elements, use the body selector and set a value via Custom CSS. For example, the following snippet will reduce font size across all elements by 5%:

body {font-size:.95em;}

If you’d like to tweak individual elements, you’ll need to use a more specific selector.


11:03 am - Mon, Jun 28, 2010
Q: Sorry, just found my answer on the tips page! Question, though: Where is the CSS located that controls the column widths? I can't seem to find it in the custom css window.

The custom CSS window should be empty, unless you’ve added your own CSS styles. The CSS for the theme is contained in an external file, which is occasionally updated to accommodate fixes and improvements. The current version of the CSS file is 1.3.


10:56 am
Q: hey.. actually im using a modified version of M82. But i want to change it to this one. I have one main problem. How can i get a white or any color background on the post and sidebars? if i use a colorful picture as a background.. text and sidebars looks toooo messy... thanks

This can be achieved using custom CSS. The header, sidebars, and post are contained within a “.wrap” selector. Setting a background color property on that selector via custom CSS will fill those sections. For example, if you’d like to have a white background, use:

.wrap {background:#fff;}

If you’d like to adjust the left, middle and right columns individually, you may use the "#sidebar", "#primary" and "#secondary" selectors respectively.


12:25 pm - Mon, Jun 21, 2010
Q: Hi there! Excellent theme you've created.. Honestly, my favorite theme so far. Yet, I am having trouble with setting up the Typekit fonts..
How do you go about setting up the right selectors?
A step by step description of how to set it up would be much appreciated..


This demo page uses two TypeKit fonts, FF Meta Serif Web Pro for “body” and “p” selectors, and FF Meta Condensed Web Pro for “h1”, “h2”, and “h3” selectors. You’ll need to explicitly set these selectors in the TypeKit Editor to override the Tumblr Appearance options.

If you’re looking to do more detailed customizations, we suggest using a CSS inspector (such as Firebug on Firefox) to determine the appropriate selectors you’d like to target.


9:41 am - Wed, Jun 2, 2010
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Q: I previously used your M82 theme, which was great, but I like this theme even better. One feature of M82 that I liked but don't see here is the ability to see tags on a post without having to click its permalink. Is there a way to incorporate that within Headline?

Unfortunately there is not. However we may introduce that feature in a future update.


3:38 pm - Thu, May 13, 2010
Q: What is the "Twitter API Key" (to enable HoverCards). I have a Twitter account, but do not see anywhere in the Profile settings where it provides an API key.

An API key is not provided by default with your Twitter account. This is an advanced feature and requires registering your blog as an “App” with Twitter. For more information regarding Twitter’s API, please visit their developer site.


3:07 pm
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Q: Is there any way to adjust the widths of the columns or the sizes of the fonts?

Yes, using custom CSS. The theme uses id’s to dynamically adjust the width of each column, depending on page type. The left, center, and right columns are labeled with the following id’s respectively: #sidebar, #primary, and #secondary. Here is the CSS that controls column width:

#sidebar { width: 200px; }
#primary { width:669px; border-left: 1px solid; }
#index #primary { width: 438px; border-right: 1px solid; }
#permalink #primary { width: 538px; border-right: 1px solid; }
#secondary { width: 0; display:none }
#index #secondary { width: 230px; display:block; }
#permalink #secondary { width: 130px; display:block; }

This gives three possible layouts: All three columns (e.g. home page or tag index); all three columns, but with a wider center column and narrower right column (e.g. permalink pages or ask page); two columns, left and center only (e.g. pages).

Column widths may be adjusted by tweaking the styles via custom CSS, however please note that the theme uses fixed sizes for photo, photoset, and video posts to correspond with the default column widths. Adjusting those requires tweaking the appropriate theme tags.

As for font sizes, custom CSS can again be used to adjust the default settings. Each column may be individually targeted using the #sidebar, #primary, and #secondary selectors, as well as individual elements using more specific selectors.


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