3:52 pm - Wed, Jan 5, 2011
Q: Is there a way to customize the number of "likes" that are displayed in the righthand column? The default is 3 and I would like to increase it.

No, not without customizing the HTML. If you choose to do so, look for the following code:

{Likes limit=”3” summarize=”100” width=”210”}

You may adjust the number of likes displayed via the “limit” variable.


3:50 pm
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Q: I love the theme, but have troubles with showing tags. When I tag a post, and then click on the tag, it only shows the following message "The URL you requested could not be found." I am also having troubles with the search function of the same kind. Is this a bug, or maybe due to the fact that my blog is a secondary blog?

Thanks for your help.

There is a known issue with Tumblr’s tag and search indexing that causes a delay in results. Eventually your tags will be indexed by Tumblr’s servers, and clicking through will produce the correct result, you just need to be patient.

Check this Get Satisfaction thread for more information.


10:41 am - Mon, Oct 18, 2010
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Q: Just want to say I love your theme. Question though: how do you enable the "Following" and the "Likes" on the sidebar? They seem to have disappeared when I enabled the Twitter sidebar function.

Some Tumblr features only work for your primary blog, such as “Following” and “Likes”. If Headline is installed on a secondary blog, you will not be able to display either. For more information, check out Tumblr’s documentation.


11:52 am - Tue, Sep 14, 2010

Headline Updated to v1.6.1

A new update to the Headline theme has been approved by Tumblr and should now be live on all standard installations.

v1.6.1 fixes a bug with the background image CSS style that would cause background images to repeat, even when the Tile Background Image toggle button was not selected in the Appearance panel. Thanks to Mark for the heads up!


10:26 am
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NBC News chooses Headline for their recently launched Tumblr blog.


9:24 am - Wed, Sep 8, 2010
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Q: Any chance you can add support for Clicky analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics? http://getclicky.com. Scientific, double-blind studies and 4 out of 5 dentists agree that Clicky is up to 20 times better than Google Analytics, and it only contains half the calories, too.

I use your theme across a network of tech sites (http://finerthingsin.com), but I have to use Custom HTML to add Clicky, which breaks my ability to get theme updates easily. If you require a small child or a goat for this work, we can talk.

Chartier, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve submitted an update to Tumblr that includes Clicky Analytics integration. No more custom HTML required!

To enable Clicky (you’ll need an account) simply find your Site ID in your Clicky site preferences page (typically a six-digit number). Copy and paste this number into the new “Clicky Site ID” text field in your Tumblr Appearance panel. Save your settings and voila! Real-time statistics via Clicky!

This is part of a v1.6 update that also fixed our fix to those pesky Twitter/Facebook/Digg icons. Doh! Maybe we should fire our monkeys and hire your goat.


9:39 am - Mon, Aug 16, 2010
Q: Hello. Great theme! I see it's available for both Tumblr and Posterous (as matter of fact, I installed it in both Posterous and Tumblr at different times without realizing I'd chosen the same theme for both). Is there a version of it for Wordpress? And, if not, might there be a WP version in the future?

Victor Davila

A Wordpress version of the Headline theme does not exist, and there are no immediate plans to develop one.


9:22 am
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Q: When a post is tagged with #facebook, #twitter, or #digg, the Facebook/Twitter/Digg icons that are used for the "Share" links show up next to every link in the post. Is this how the theme is supposed to work, or is this just a bug?

This is a bug and we’ve submitted a revision to the Tumblr Theme Garden that should address the issue.

The issue was caused by the use of user tags as class names for individual post “div” blocks. When using the social media names Facebook, Twitter and Digg as post tags, the theme would insert those class names, triggering the default CSS styles which display the service icons.

We’ve remedied this bug by adding a “tagged-” prefix to these class names. If you’ve implemented custom CSS to style individual posts using tags, you’ll need to update your classes accordingly.

All users who have not customized their HTML will be updated to v1.5 once the revision is approved by Tumblr. If this post has a Digg thumbnail icon on its links, then that has not happened yet.


9:38 am - Fri, Jul 23, 2010
Q: How do you get the number of comments to display on the main page? Right now it just says "Comments" with no counter. Thanks.

Thanks for pointing this out ultimatehoops, it appears to be a bug in the theme code. We’ll post an update when this issue is resolved.


9:32 am
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Headline was chosen by Mashable as one of 10 terrific new Tumblr themes. The author Christina Warren had these kinds words:

Great use of space, columns and post types, along with lots of great elements and little touches. If you’ve ever wanted a magazine-style theme for your Tumblr blog, check out Headline!


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